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National Politics | Night Twister

National Politics

Look for Me at Mount Virtus

By nighttwister

Because I don’t have time to post regularly, I’ve decided to put my own blog on hold for awhile. It will remain up so you can view previous diaries, but I won’t be posting new content here any more, at least not for a long time. My friend and fellow blogger Ben Degrow… »

Candidate Search 2010 Interviews

By nighttwister

I’m here at the Budweister Event Center in Loveland, CO for Candidate Search 2010. I was going to summarize the points of each of the candidates, but things went too fast and furious and I didn’t have the full text of the questions beforehand. Therefore, I’ve decided to just post some of my… »

Candidate Search 2010

By nighttwister

Candidate Search 2010 is holding a candidate forum at the Budweiser Event Center, First National Bank West Exhibition Hall on Friday, November 13th, beginning with dinner ($14) at 6:00pm. A list of participants can be seen here. The forum is being hosted by the Fort Collins Tea Party, Loveland 912 Project, and We… »

Help Steer the Local Political Discussion in Colorado

By nighttwister

It’s Time for the November survey of Colorado’s Political Temperature. Ben Degrow and El Presidente have already completed two of these surveys, and they’ve just released another one.
Click here to take the November 2009 Colorado online political survey
One thing I noticed about the previous surveys is the rest of Colorado outside of the Denver… »

GOP Website Fail

By nighttwister

Jon Stewart takes on the new website. He’s always been better when taking on both sides of the aisle as he has been doing recently, and this is a good one.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c

You’ve Got Fail

Daily Show Full Episodes
Political Humor
Health Care Crisis

I especially liked the Future… »

Ryan Frazier Drops Senate Bid; Will Challenge Ed Perlmutter in CO-7

By nighttwister

Update: Mount Virtus, People’s Press Collective, and Rocky Mountain Right weigh in on this story.
I was part of a conference call last night hosted by Laura Goode, spokeswoman for Ryan Frazier. Ben Degrow and T.L. James were also on the call. Goode immediately confirmed the rumors that Frazier was dropping out of the… »

Thank You For Flying Government Air

By nighttwister

From Jon Caldera at The Independence… »

Eric Holder Will Decide if You Belong to a Hate Group

By nighttwister

That is, if HR2647 passes. This bill originally passed the House without the Hate Crimes legislation included, but it was added as an amendment in the Senate. The text of the legislation gives the Attorney General, currently Eric H. Holder, Jr., the right to determine if a group is “associated with hate-related violence… »

Visa Waiver Program Tariff

By nighttwister

Somehow, I don’t think this is what people had in mind when Obama said he would be creating jobs. According to an article by the Associated Press reported at Yahoo News, the European Union is up in arms about a new proposed fee for tourists to the United States from people in countries who… »

AARP Admits Government Programs Don’t Eliminate Poverty for Elderly

By nighttwister

The AARP has worked hard recently to deny it’s non-endorsement endorsement of the Health Care Bill HR3200. Behind the scenes they have been working hard to convince their members that this bill is in their best interest, regardless of questions by members and a declining membership. In an obvious attempt to try to… »

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