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Candidate Search 2010 Interviews | Night Twister

Candidate Search 2010 Interviews

By nighttwister

I’m here at the Budweister Event Center in Loveland, CO for Candidate Search 2010. I was going to summarize the points of each of the candidates, but things went too fast and furious and I didn’t have the full text of the questions beforehand. Therefore, I’ve decided to just post some of my favorite quotes from the evening.

U.S. Congressional District 4 Candidates

Cory Gardner

“This race isn’t about Republican or Democrat, but for every American afraid of losing their freedom. We need to send people to Washington that will stand up for people. I’m going to Washington to stand up to big spenders.”

Tom Lucero

“The Constitution is being kicked to the curb. We need to get the government out of the home, banking, health care businesses, and out of the way of small businesses who are the backbone of the Country.”

Diggs Brown

“While in Afghanistan, I was reading intelligent reports every day, and for the first time I fear for my Country. What’s with the government that is taking control and not listening to the people? I’m going to Washington to make sure they’re listening to you, and to kick some people in the butt.”

Dean Madere

“I’m angry, worried, scared about where we’re going. I’ve been involved in Tea Parties. I’m tired of voting for politicians. My grass roots are deep.”

U.S. Senate Candidates

Cleve Tidwell

“I’m a businessman, not an attorney or a politician. It’s time to put common sense business people in Washington.”

Tom Wiens

“I’m a rancher, businessman, and former State Senator. There is no respect for the people of Colorado because Congress doesn’t even read the bills before they spend a trillion dollars of our money. We need to vote for change one more time.”

Shawn Mitchell for Ken Buck

“I’m a lawyer, I’m a politician, and I’m from California. Lucky for me, I’m not the one running for office.”

(Ken Buck showed up later, but I had already left for the evening)

Colorado Governor Candidates

Dan Maes

“The Revolution is On. If you can beat the mob in NJ, you’re doing something. I know what it is to be an executive. The Governor’s office isn’t a playground for legislators.”

Special guest Matt Arnold, director of Clear the Bench Colorado was also there and spoke about the upcoming Colorado Supreme Court retention elections in November 2010, advocating a “NO” vote - what he called “the most important votes you probably didn’t no you could cast” - on the four Colorado Supreme Court justices facing the voters in November. I had to leave to attend to some personal business before he had a chance to speak, but the Coloradoan and Greeley Tribune were there also to provide coverage of the event. Unfortunately they didn’t provide any coverage of Matt’s speech and the questions he answered for almost 30 minutes. Go check out his website for more information on the movement. I’ll be doing an interview with Matt in the next couple of months and will have much more information for you at that time.

Thanks to the candidates that were willing to show up and meet with their potential constituents. For those that decided not to show up, it’s going to be hard to convince us that you’re willing to represent your district or State when you can’t even show up to answer questions and meet with those same people. Elected Government officials become less accessible after election, not more. Quite frankly, the American people are tired of sending people into office only to have them ignore the very people that sent them there.

All of the candidates for Congressional District 4 did well at the event. Cory Gardner was very sharp, and I appreciated his appeal to his family. To be honest, I’d rather be out in the backyard playing catch with my kids than sitting in front of this computer, but doing what I am here is more important to their future, so I have to take time away from that. Gardner seems to understand this as well. I know he’s had to sacrifice a considerable amount of time away from his family, as have the others running for office.

Tom Lucero was very good, and is now starting to take a stand on today’s issues and stand up for his record. I appreciated his candor and where he is on the most important issues. Diggs Brown just arrived home after another tour in the Army. Although he’s still making the transition from soldier to candidate, he did well in addressing the most pressing issues of the day. Dan Madere, a newcomer to politics, gave an impassioned speech when explaining why he decided to get into this race.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the candidates for U.S. Senate. I had hoped to hear from Ken Buck, but as I stated earlier I had to leave before he arrived from a previous commitment in Pueblo. The fact that he rushed to get her at all shows he knows the importance of meeting with the people in his home district.

Dan Maes was very impressive in his open comments and answers to questions. If he’s able to find a way to start raising some serious money and get some name recognition, he could give Scott McInnis a run for the opportunity to run against Bill Ritter. He definitely has many in the grassroots movements behind him.

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